Nature wins.

As I start to look beyond Episode 5 - I know you haven't read 5 yet, but it is close! - the direction for the future plots start to expand from the scribbled notes and flowcharts. Trying to avoid spoilers,  but one theme that permeates throughout the Hadrian's Gate series is the colonisation of other... Continue Reading →


Taken from Ask the Author: Georgia Knight, posted on goodreads  Q. How do you deal with writer’s block? I've found writing the Hadrian's Gate series that the words have flowed readily, probably because of the many characters and changing scenes. On occasions, when one scene has been a challenge, I've jumped to another and started on... Continue Reading →

Coming soon… Broken Bottle

It was dark, cold, and the rain dripping through the rotten roof impossible to escape. Soaked to the skin, the back of her head stinging where the market trader had struck, she sat shivering and sobbing. Calmer than an hour before, but still a mess. Coming Soon... Episode Four:  Broken Bottle See also: Download the... Continue Reading →

New Look…

Ahead of the release of Episode 4: Broken Bottle, there is a change to the look of the books with new covers! I hope you like the new look, I do! As an indie author, it's all about being as self-sufficient as possible, so yeah, I produced them, so please be kind. Let me know... Continue Reading →

Jacqueline Pearce – Tribute Gallery

In an era of tame television, there was the sinister darkness of Blake's 7. In an era of Benny Hill and Pan's People, where women were there to just look pretty, there was Servalan. Never before, and barely since, had there been a female lead quite like this one... a sexy, sarcastic, sadistic, psychopath. Brilliantly... Continue Reading →

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