Terrorism is always wrong, whatever the cause.

"Terror does not stop, and it never will. In paradise, where everything is as it should be, and where harmony reigns, there is still the capacity for fear. And when it is not expected, when fear sneaks up on those who have peace in their hearts, the bite is the most ferocious." This is the opening passage... Continue Reading →

Kayla McGann: Nothing

Kayla had once been a person. She had once had goals and ambitions, friends and lovers, enjoyed laughter and smiles. Now, nothing. The person she was had left long ago. She had no idea exactly when and it did not matter. Nothing mattered. Nothing. All she knew now was pain and hate. See also: Episode... Continue Reading →

Sci-Fi Heroine Top Trumps

Let's hear it for the girls!! Women are a seriously under represented in the sci-fi universe, but that does not mean there are not some fantastic heroines (and lady villains!) out there. Just for fun, I've picked the best and in the tradition of Top Trumps (c) scored against a number of criteria. So, what... Continue Reading →

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