Venusians Rule.

A hundred years ago Emily Pankhurst was in the midst of her fight for women the right to vote. That is not a long time ago relative to the history of humankind. Some bright spark might care to calculate how many grains of sand were still left in the hour glass of human civilisation. On a 6am train... Continue Reading →

Photo of the week…

War, huh, yeah, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. I have this habit of letting an image grab me and when it does, it can stays with me for several days. During those days, it is likely that I will bore anyone who cares to listen with that image and the thoughts it has thrown... Continue Reading →

Blinded. Bothered?

Without doubt the hardest part of writing is editing. It is a thankless task and in stark contrast to the joys of the unfettered pen flourish found in first getting your ideas down. They are like chalk and cheese, the two activities. One is love, the other most definitely a labour. Saved as "Draft 4", I have just... Continue Reading →

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