Stephen King Top 10

My own desire to story tell came long before I read a King book, and was inspired more by television series such as Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and Logan's Run than any written work. It was reading this genius's books, however, from a relatively early age (about 12 I think!) that showed me just how... Continue Reading →


A final look at the smashed up drone. He gripped the blaster tightly, one hand on the butt, one on the barrel. With a determined shake of the weapon, he forced the expression of dread from his face. Go, scared young boy, arrive, the angry man. How dare they come to his world? How dare... Continue Reading →


Three years ago, I was sat in a similar place to where I am now (a few doors down) when I wrote my first ever blog post. The blog is long since defunct, so you will not be able to find it, but I'm compelled to write similar content now. The reason for the original... Continue Reading →

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