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I'm delighted to announce the long awaited release of Episode 5! Many apologies to those of you who have been waiting since the explosive finale of Broken Bottle. No excuses! It took about 3 months longer than planned due to that annoying thing called life getting in the way. If it is any consolation, Episode... Continue Reading →


At the back of the cabin, he touched one of the photographs. Olivia’s face was unmoved as he brushed her hair and Conner did not flinch as he stroked his son’s cheek. The assassin would have him believe that his boy was not dead but he knew that was ridiculous. Clayton had watched the station... Continue Reading →


Soil in his mouth, grit between his teeth, he tried to flip. He managed but then just lay there, helpless. All around, chaos reigned. The relentless thud, thud, thud of heavy weapons was deafening. Through his smashed visor, he could smell the thick, acrid smoke. This was a nightmare, it was worse than hell. He... Continue Reading →


In that moment before waking, Kayla thought she knew where she was. One by one, her senses kicked in and as they did her desperation grew. It was the same place every time she woke. The hard bed, the smell of disinfectant, the blinding white lights, the tight restraints. Desolation pushed away any short-lived respite... Continue Reading →

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