Two years after I first released Episode One: The Cairo Accord, I have a good number of positive reviews. Recent news stories surrounding the eliciting of reviews on Amazon surprise no one. Mostly, those dodgy reviews are claimed to be on electrical and high value goods, but undoubtedly this extends to books too. I've had... Continue Reading →


"They can fix scars. Back there, in normal places, they can fix scars." Kayla McGann, Episode One "The Cairo Accord" See also: Download the Books Reviews Are you hurt? Four Years Earlier… The Interview that Never Was Pain Incoming..! Spitak!

Are you hurt?

Standing this close, her odour was overpowering. Confident she was not going to take a stumble, he hastily stepped back. Panting furiously, her chest rose and fell beneath the tunic. He could now see a gash on the side of her face, just behind her right eye, partially hidden by the mop of hair. The... Continue Reading →

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