"There was murder in her eyes and he could not really blame her." Episode 4: Broken Bottle Download the Books Georgia x See also: First Encounter 3 in the Bag… A Terrible Day History Politics stinks


First Encounter

“Your name? I presume you have one?” “Kayla,” she said, “Kayla McGann.” The curly haired stranger beamed. This was not her happy place and he was not her father, but the smile made things seem a little better. “Well, Kayla,” he said, patting her knee, “the boss has decided we will look after you. Far... Continue Reading →

The Fermi Paradox

The question of whether extra-terrestrial civilizations exist has long since been the debate of scientists, and the premise of science fiction.  In a galaxy of billions of planets, we might find extraordinary that, if such life exists, we have not yet met it. In the early 1950s, Nobel physicist Enrico Fermi pointed to an apparent... Continue Reading →

3 in the Bag…

  Pleased to have the first three episodes of Hadrian's Gate available only 7 months after The Cairo Accord was published!  With Episode 4: Broken Bottle anticipated in early summer 2018, perhaps now is the time to join the adventure? Georgia x See also: Download the Books A Terrible Day Politics stinks “She is an... Continue Reading →

Beehives on other Worlds

"Tall stalks of emerald leaves reach skywards. Five feet up, they open into fine yellow blooms, a globe of pollen-rich stamens in the centre. Flower after flower, a golden field stretching on forever. It moves, a rippling wind floating across the blanket, creating a transfixing illusion of waves on water. The whole field seems alive,... Continue Reading →

A Terrible Day

The badly made robotic bartender did not care less the motivation behind this drinking spree, it just served as requested. It did not care that he lay across the bar either, and its programming did not even notice. Twice it had hit him across the head with its unrealistic claw. The first, merely a brush,... Continue Reading →


"It was a dreadful day, one that history would grab hold of and never let go." Three Zero, the day that changed the future. See also: 3 in the Bag… Download the Books Politics stinks Ticking The Commander Latest Review (2)  

Episode 3 release anticipated…

With a few finishing touches and edits to go, it is anticipated the eagerly awaited third installment of the Hadrian's Gate series will be released at the end of March 2018. That's less than 3 weeks... Watch this space! Georgia xx See also: Download the Books Latest Review (2) Politics stinks Ticking The Commander

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