At the back of the cabin, he touched one of the photographs. Olivia’s face was unmoved as he brushed her hair and Conner did not flinch as he stroked his son’s cheek. The assassin would have him believe that his boy was not dead but he knew that was ridiculous. Clayton had watched the station... Continue Reading →

Moment of choice

It was a brutal truth and one that offered two philosophies on how to live. The first was not to care, to act like nothing mattered, to do what you wanted and sod the consequences because ultimately the cosmos would wipe the hard drive. The second was to cling to every moment, scared to lose... Continue Reading →


Taken from Ask the Author: Georgia Knight, posted on goodreads  Q. How do you deal with writer’s block?In writing the Hadrian's Gate series, I have found that the words have mostly flowed readily, probably because of the many characters and changing scenes. On occasions, when one scene has been a challenge, I've jumped to another and... Continue Reading →

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