Politics stinks

It was a short-lived moment of joy. He longed to return to his doze, so he could escape to that better place, the calm, soothing dreamscape, but now stress upon stress layered into his thoughts. He sat atop a wobbling pyramid, a chaotic political hierarchy covering the expanse of the explored galaxy. It all panned... Continue Reading →


Four years beforeā€¦ A window, she looks out on the morning. A silence, deeper than it should be. It is the silence of doom, the silence only heard before the rush. That rush arrives, blowing in, bringing heat, shattering the window, firing shards into her face. Blinded, she does not see the fire that follows.... Continue Reading →

The Commander

The sensation of warm blood spluttering on to his forearm excited the commander. Taking this wretched man closer to that final moment, that final breath, brought such sick satisfaction. All that power in his grasp, the power to end a life, to snub out the spark that launched every living organism, the spark that fired... Continue Reading →

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