My Top Sci-Fi Memories

If you are reading this, it is likely you were drawn here by the page title, so half the battle is won! I have your attention, and hopefully I'll get to share some fantastic, memorable science fiction moments with you. A sci-fi fan all my life, when I first embarked on this post, the number... Continue Reading →

School’s Out

Four years before… A window, she looks out on the morning. A silence, deeper than it should be. It is the silence of doom, the silence only heard before the rush. That rush arrives, blowing in, bringing heat, shattering the window, firing shards into her face. Blinded, she does not see the fire that follows. She does not feel the... Continue Reading →

Pre-order NOW… Broken Bottle

It was dark, cold, and the rain dripping through the rotten roof was impossible to escape. Soaked to the skin, the back of her head stinging where the market trader had struck, she sat shivering and sobbing. Calmer than an hour before, but still a mess. Kayla McGann is back with a BANG! Pre-order your... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Oregon…

The planet Oregon sat in the Sigma Coronae Borealis star system, an incredible system with quintuple suns. In a galaxy where uniqueness was increasingly becoming mundane, Oregon still stood out, holding the special status of an Intergalactic Protected Reserve. A unique location, seldom visited, and usually then only for carefully considered research projects. Any prohibited... Continue Reading →

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