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Georgia Knight

Some authors suffer for their art, some suffer in not being able to fulfill their dream. With a few false starts in her twenties, this author decided to focus on her career in education, exploring her passions for science and history. Marriage and family came along, and attempts to pursue the writing ambitions further faltered. Writing needs peace and quiet to focus, and children seldom offer that space!

Now in her thirties, Georgia returns to the writing fold, a lifetime of story ideas desperate to get down on paper. Of course, it’s never that easy.  And where to start?

She could have started small, but instead launched into a sci-fi epic and has not looked back since!

The author hopes you’ll join her on the Hadrian’s Gate saga, the first episodes of which were published in late 2017. With several episodes written, and others in advanced planning, the material will keep on coming.

Georgia Knight lives in a small village in Yorkshire, UK. As a teacher and mother, her spare time is limited, but what she has is spent writing, running, writing, and running some more! Georgia is always happy to hear from readers, so please feel free to get in touch. You can contact her via this blog, or find her on Twitter @Hadrians_Gate


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