Future Visions: Sex

Somehow I reckon there will still be sex in the future... But only with robots, right? We love to paint this impression of the future where everything is different, but as highlighted in other Future Visions, we need to reflect on the history of the human race in order to more accurately predict its future.... Continue Reading →

Extract: “Always there, Con.”

An extract from the opening scenes of "Three Zero", the second book in the Hadrian's Gate series.  This book is due out in October 2017, and follows "The Cairo Accord", which is available for download now.   Opening up a new message, she began to type quickly. This would be a poor substitute for the damning... Continue Reading →

Sci-Fi Heroine Top Trumps

Let's hear it for the girls!! Women are a seriously under represented in the sci-fi universe, but that does not mean there are not some fantastic heroines (and lady villains!) out there. Just for fun, I've picked the best and in the tradition of Top Trumps (c) scored against a number of criteria. So, what... Continue Reading →

Future Visions: War

War. Huh. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Yet we keep on doing it, don't we? Now I did some research, and I have to say the results are dubious at best. Reading a few other blogs, I've assessed that the general consensus seems to be that around 100 billion people have lived between... Continue Reading →

Future Visions: Religion

The Opium of the People. Religion Starting with the easy topics first. The future with be atheist, right? Almost certainly wrong. Religion dates back tens of thousands of years. Cremations occurred as long ago as 40,000 years ago, with ceremonial burials taking place a few thousand years later. These were probably the first sign of... Continue Reading →

Thank you!

Like many things, books are a matter of taste. One man's avocado is another man's marmalade. I am under no illusions not everyone will enjoy my work. The choice to publish in "episodes" of c200 pages, rather than more lengthy novels, will divide opinion. The fast-paced, overlapping story lines will be loved by some, but... Continue Reading →

Extract: Anger, Kayla McGann

The following extract comes from the second episode in the Hadrian's Gate series, "Three Zero":   Kayla had not longed for freedom to fill her life with any of those things, or, indeed, a luxury playboy pad. There was only one thing she longed for, and why she needed her freedom. That one thing above... Continue Reading →

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