Three minutes it took. Three minutes of her strolling a few steps, stopping, turning, strolling some more. Never did she leave his vicinity. Never did she unfold her arms from under her chest. She seemed to be gathering thoughts, perhaps preparing what to say, lining up those choice words she planned to throw his way.... Continue Reading →

Ladies’ man…

Poor Messiah... he really doesn't have much luck with the ladies...   "She just looked at him, no words, no rage, seemingly no emotion. Just a cold shell, her expression blank, her body motionless. As the others began to leave, crossing the chamber and descending to the airlocks below, Messiah wondered what hell was about... Continue Reading →

Photo of the week… (Revisit)

War, huh, yeah, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. I have this habit of letting an image grab me and when it does, it can stays with me for several days. During those days, it is likely that I will bore anyone who cares to listen with that image and the thoughts it has thrown... Continue Reading →

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