Strength and unity, long live the Union

Out beyond the gate, deep in the Dark Zones, a scourge is rising. The escape of a high-profile criminal provides the excuse for forces to move in, with unexpected consequences.

A space epic, stretched across an expanding empire, exploring the complexities of human society, and the eternal search for peace and liberty.

Welcome to the future, welcome to Hadrian’s Gate

Hadrian’s Gate is a series of novels set hundreds of years into the future. Humankind has expanded out to the nearby stars, under the single banner of the Union. Without a major war in generations, large swathes of the galaxy thrive across terraformed planets and satellites. Here, the populations go about their days in peace, taking advantage of advances in science and technology, living long and happy lives.

All seems fine in those back gardens, but over the fence, those who forge the new frontiers struggle against hostile environments and criminal elements. Set in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on base Three Zero, this saga introduces the readers to this darker sides of this future. The reader meets a series of troubled characters, none more so than the main protagonist, criminal Kayla McGann.

Incarcerated at the start of the first episode, The Cairo Accord, McGann breaks free, an escape that threatens to plummet the galaxy into chaos. The Union authorities, lead by a weary president, desperately try to track her down before she can re-group her old associates.

Please come join this epic, by downloading The Cairo Accord to your Kindle, tablet, phone or other e-reader.

The Hideout

It was dark, cold, and the rain dripping through the rotten roof was impossible to escape.  Soaked to the skin, the back of her head stinging where the market trader had struck, she sat shivering and sobbing.  She was calmer than an hour before, but still a mess. The strangers busied themselves around her.  They… Continue Reading →


Three years after I released Episode One: The Cairo Accord, I have a good number of positive reviews. Recent news stories surrounding the eliciting of reviews on Amazon surprise no one. Mostly, those dodgy reviews are claimed to be on electrical and high value goods, but undoubtedly this extends to books too. I’ve had several… Continue Reading →

The Fermi Paradox

The question of whether extra-terrestrial civilizations exist has long since been the debate of scientists, and the premise of many science fiction stories.  In a galaxy with billions of planets, we might find it extraordinary that, if such life exists, we have not yet met it. Surely, if advanced life is out there, we would… Continue Reading →

It’s Dark Inside.

Photo by Kaitlyn Jade from Pexels Why not take the opportunity to read the first few passages of Episode 1 : The Cairo Accord? Click on the “Free Preview” tab below. If you enjoy the opening, take the plunge and download the rest to your Kindle! Hadrian’s Gate is an epic, expansive sci-fi drama. It’s rich mix of… Continue Reading →

The Indigo Protocol

“Those are grave words, councillor,” Chilake eventually said, playing the game, “but these are grave times, and we must consider everything open to us. The Indigo Protocol is there for a reason. It is a nuclear option, but we all know the threat Kayla McGann can unleash on the galaxy. She is not just one woman, she… Continue Reading →

Mother’s Worry

Many light years away, a worried mother woke from a nightmare. She stared into the darkness, calming her thoughts, hoping it was only a dream. Under the covers, she sought comfort from her partner’s warmth, reassuringly pushing her leg against his. He stirred but did not wake. It would be okay, this mother told herself,… Continue Reading →

Politics stinks

It was a short-lived moment of joy. He longed to return to his doze, escaping to that better place – the calm, soothing dreamscape – but already stress upon stress was beginning to layer into his thoughts. He sat atop a wobbling pyramid, a chaotic political hierarchy covering the expanse of the explored galaxy.  It all panned… Continue Reading →

On the Brink…

Every career, she supposed, had ups and downs. Whatever profession someone fell into, no doubt all experienced periods when they wished their path different. The councillor was still young enough for a change in direction, barely half-way through her working life. Sometimes, though, paths become too well trodden, the direction too clearly set. Traversing the park, she… Continue Reading →

They live within…

It is 3am. There is lots going on in the head, despite the tiredness. It is far too warm, despite the windows being open. And the birds are tweeting outside, despite it being middle of the night. Why do they do that?? Mild insomnia takes my mind back to the summer of 2016, lounging around… Continue Reading →

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