A Corrupt Friendship

The lowdown on Chilake and Grayling This long-standing friendship goes back to the early days of Chilake’s political career, when he courted the media to raise his profile. Grayling would later heavily support his campaign to become president, systematically destroying the credibility of his predecessor and any other rivals in the process. Once in post,... Continue Reading →


Nearly five years ago, I was sat around a pool at a villa in Davenport, Florida, when I wrote my first ever blog post. That post is long since defunct, so you will not be able to find it, but I was later compelled to write similar, and that is what you'll find below: The... Continue Reading →

First Encounter

“Your name?  I presume you have one?”“Kayla,” she said, “Kayla McGann.”The curly haired stranger beamed. This was not her happy place and he was not her father, but the smile made things seem a little better.“Well, Kayla,” he said, patting her knee, “the boss has decided we will look after you.  Far too many street-urchins... Continue Reading →

Episode Five: Kragenfeld Mass

Don't look over your shoulder. "Kragenfeld Mass" continues the Hadrian's Gate series. With the Union in the grip of war, Chilake calls on political allies and enemies alike. He is desperate to find a way out of the growing mess. Watching from afar, a former president curses her legacy and curses the actions of others... Continue Reading →

Episode Four: Broken Bottle

Not everything can be fixed. "Broken Bottle" continues the Hadrian's Gate series. Hidden away, Kayla McGann is trying to rebuild her physical and mental health. Slowly, she is finding a way to trust Messiah, the kindly stranger who has offered her sanctuary. With nothing but let downs behind her, and distraught at the Union’s parading... Continue Reading →

Episode Three: The Voice

Sometimes, just listen. "The Voice" continues the Hadrian's Gate series. A surprise attack at the edge of the explored galaxy sends shock waves through the Union. Chilake, recalled from his sunny retreat, faces a crisis that threatens to eclipse Three Zero. On the brink of war, with no sign of the fugitive, his presidency hangs... Continue Reading →

Episode Two: Three Zero

The past has many faces. "Three Zero" continues the Hadrian's Gate series. Riddled with guilt, Clayton Wright spends his days sat on the porch, mourning the loss of his family. The destruction of Three Zero left only dark and lonely thoughts, but he carries on, taking each difficult day one at a time. Then comes... Continue Reading →

Episode One: The Cairo Accord

They left her with nothing. When the most notorious prisoner in the galaxy, Kayla McGann, escapes, the president is desperate to get her back. The atrocities at Three Zero still fresh in the public conscience, and dissident groups challenging the authority of the Union, this dangerous figurehead cannot be allowed to re-establish her terrorist networks.... Continue Reading →

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