Anger, angst and apathy (repost)

Are we all the same mix of anger, angst and apathy on Sunday evenings, or is that just me?¬†Anger that the weekend has not been full with everything you might have wanted it to be, angst at that looming work week ahead and apathy that its just the way it is, and always will be.... Continue Reading →

Future Visions: Intro

The future lies in the past. I believe that. We often hear the adage that we can learn from history's mistakes. It is rolled out every commemoration day, alongside the poppies, the yellow ribbons, and the numerous other symbols of remembrance from around the world. Lest we forget, they say, and indeed, lest we should.... Continue Reading →


Loyalty, that famous one way street. Trust, that precious vase, so easily smashed. Two men, coffee between them, glaring at each other with the rage that destroys planets.¬† Thankfully, neither are warriors, both are men of diplomacy and measure, of influence and negotiation. President Chilake, Head of the Union Council of Planetary Systems, seethed that... Continue Reading →

They come, they go.

Characters come, characters go, but good ones are hard to find. Or is it hard ones are good to find? If or when you takes the time to read my work, I hope that they fall in love with the characters. And in talking about the stories, the question I want to be asked more... Continue Reading →

Where harmony reigns

Terror does not stop, and it never will. In paradise, where everything is as it should be, and where harmony reigns, there is still the capacity for fear. And when it is not expected, when fear sneaks up on those who have peace in their hearts, its bite is the most ferocious. Hadrian's Gate, Episode... Continue Reading →

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