Into the Light…

The world swam.

One moment, she was awake, with snippets of voices speaking foreign tongues and lights so bright that they burnt through closed eyelids. The next, she was floating away again, back to a grey place full of tormented dreams.

She knew time was passing, but not how much. The grey times were longer and deeper than those with the bright lights. There was panic and fever in the grey, and heat, so much heat she could barely breathe. Hallucinations too. The same nightmarish visions, over and over again. Naked, bleeding, soiled. On the floor of the showers, unable to defend herself, the guards crowding round. In the hallucinations there were other faces too, some unfamiliar, some she knew. Her family were present. Her mum, her dad, her two brothers, witnessing the vicious attack. They made no attempt to help, despite her desperate cries. They showed no reaction to what was happening, their faces seemingly carved in stone.

Through the fever, she occasionally glimpsed the brightness. When she did, she lunged towards it, desperate to grab hold, desperate to escape the nightmares. This time, when the light burned at her lids, she ignored it, forcing them open. Several blinks later and she was staring at a white ceiling. The shiny arms of medical equipment imposed itself over her shivering body.

She was awake.

A short extract from the opening of Episode 1: The Cairo Accord. In a galaxy of contrasts, we meet Kayla McGann. At the rough end, we meet Kayla McGann. Is she damaged beyond repair, or will she find her way back? Read on to find out!

The Hideout

It was dark, cold, and the rain dripping through the rotten roof was impossible to escape.  Soaked to the skin, the back of her head stinging where the market trader had struck, she sat shivering and sobbing.  She was calmer than an hour before, but still a mess. The strangers busied themselves around her.  They… Continue Reading →


Three years after I released Episode One: The Cairo Accord, I have a good number of positive reviews. Recent news stories surrounding the eliciting of reviews on Amazon surprise no one. Mostly, those dodgy reviews are claimed to be on electrical and high value goods, but undoubtedly this extends to books too. I’ve had several… Continue Reading →

The Fermi Paradox

The question of whether extra-terrestrial civilizations exist has long since been the debate of scientists, and the premise of many science fiction stories.  In a galaxy with billions of planets, we might find it extraordinary that, if such life exists, we have not yet met it. Surely, if advanced life is out there, we would… Continue Reading →

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